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The importance of humor cannot be understated. For humor provides the ability to laugh at yourself and with others. An ability that is cathartic for yourself and society. When we laugh together, we can discuss the issues and concerns of society in a more harmonious manner.

It is in this sense I have collect over the last several years some of my favorite humor. I do not like disparaging humor and will not post such humor. However, humor that pokes fun at people and situations tickles my funny bone. I have shared this humor with many of my friends, including friends that are poked at (i.e. my Jewish friends, my Lawyer friends, my Teacher and Cops friends, etc.), and they all agreed that the following humor was not disparaging and indeed very funny and contains a kernel of truth.

A true sense of humor is the ability to laugh at and disparage yourself. Those that cannot do so do not have a true sense of humor. And those that cannot abide laughing at themselves and with others make the world a more depressing place to live on. Also remember that;

 “Anyone without a sense of humor is at the mercy of everyone else.
― William Rotsler.

Utilizing this criterion, I have posted the following humor:

I will be posting additional humor as my funny bone strikes me. So check back every so often to have your funny bone tickled.

Please note that these jokes were told to me, or provided to me, by others and as such I cannot provide attributions.