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Book It

Due to underwhelming (sic) demand, I have decided to chirp a monthly recommend books that I have recently read that I think are noteworthy or illuminative. While these books may not always be current, when they are not, I consider them oldies but goodies. For a more extensive list of the books I have read throughout my life please review my article “Further Readings and Literature”.

09/01/20 – The Meaning Of History

Many history books revolve around the times, persons, and actions of historical events or personages. Some history books deal with the meaning of these historical events or personages and their impacts on today’s society. It is these history books that deal with impacts that I find the most interesting and illuminative. The following three books are just such books that deal with President Lincoln and the Civil War. The idiom ‘Food for thought’ is never more apropos than within these books.

08/01/20 Biography

07/01/20 Science Topics II

06/01/20  - Freedom and Liberty

05/01/20 - Statistics and Studies

04/01/20 – America’s Founding

03/01/20 – Science Topics

02/01/20 - Constitutional Guides

01/01/20 – Science Critique

12/01/19 American History