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Internet, Windows, Macintosh, GoldMine and QuickBooks
Consulting and Training Services

for Small Businesses and the Self Employed in the
Eastern Montgomery / Lower Bucks County Pennsylvania Area.

GoldMine: Creating Customers for Life™

GoldMine Products - Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Organizations

GoldMine provides the tools businesses need to win - and more importantly - retain customers. Designed for workgroups, GoldMine collects and centralizes the information flowing through an organization, resulting in an internal structure that has every employee working at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. GoldMine gives you high-end results at an affordable price.

GoldMine Business Contact Manager

GoldMine Business Contact Manager software is a top-selling, award-winning contact manager for individuals and teams, specifically designed for small and mid-sized organizations to bridge the gap between traditional contact managers and complex CRM solutions. This affordable software enables you to automate sales, marketing and sales force operations while utilizing powerful features that help you centralize all your customer information and share important data with your team. GoldMine Business Contact Manager easily integrates with widely used desktop applications, such as popular accounting packages, providing a complete view of your customers. Additionally, calendar and contact information can be synchronized to PDA’s and other handheld devices. This practical, trusted software has received numerous industry awards—delivering results for more than 11 years.

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For the data synchronization of small to medium-sized business that have remote offices or outside sales people, GoldSync® provides a new GoldSync Administration Center to provide automated data synchronization. GoldSync manages synchronization processing and simultaneously updates added or changed information, including customizations, data structures and lookup lists, in other GoldMine systems.

GoldSync enables sales and service teams to easily share up-to-date customer information and improve communication with remote staff, regardless of where they are located. With GoldSync, you can keep your entire team "in-the-loop" about vital customer-related information. Whether your team is nationwide, or worldwide, GoldSync keeps everyone connected. 

PIP GoldMine® Services

PIP provides a comprehensive array of GoldMine related services, from initial planning through follow-up project review, to ensure that your business/organization utilizes the GoldMine product(s) to its full potential. Our goal is to help you set realistic project goals and objectives and then provide whatever assistance you need to be sure that you reach them. As your solutions partner, PIP is committed to the success of your project.

Strategic Planning - Optimizing your Solution

During the Strategic Planning stage, PIP’s certified GoldMine professionals will work with you to establish the goals and objectives for your CRM implementation and identify its anticipated benefits. This information will be used later to measure project success.

Once we identify the project goals, we define the system requirements, and the issues and obstacles that need to be dealt with in order to produce an optimized solution and guarantee a successful project implementation. We determine if the fields/screens should be customized to capture the desired information. We recommend any third party or market specific applications that may assist in achieving the project goals. Next, we work with you to determine how the data needs to be reported. Finally, we define the data security (who should see what information) and the maintenance procedures. Generally several planning sessions are required to identify all of this information.

At the end of the Strategic Planning phase, you will receive a report that summarizes our conclusions and presents the following information:

  • Software to be purchased/upgraded, including any third party tools,
  • Draft design of any GoldMine customizations, including fields and reports,
  • Detailed implementation plan,
  • Advised security configurations, and
  • Project estimates for implementation and training.

This document then becomes the blueprint for the implementation of your CRM project. Let us tell you more about the importance of and need for Strategic Planning. 

Customization - Making GoldMine Truly Yours

PIP will meet with you to discuss the features of GoldMine you wish to use, how you want it to interact with the system, and how it will fit into your business processes. We will customize your system so that GoldMine looks like you want it. We can change field labels to reflect your terminology, advise you on values for lookup lists, design custom screens to track information specific to your business, install custom templates designed for your business, and write reports to fill your needs for specific information. We can help design a system that minimizes the data entry task, while minimizing the risk of entering data incorrectly.

Data Migration - Importing your Existing Data

Whether you are currently using another contact management system, have a custom application to track contact information, or are using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or a simple text file to keep contact information, you will most likely want to transfer that information into your GoldMine system. PIP has experience transferring data from numerous applications and data formats, and if necessary, we can write custom scripts to bring your important contact-related information into GoldMine.

Data Integration - Linking to Other Databases

Very often businesses and organizations want to integrate their Customer Relationship Management system with other corporate database applications they are using, such as accounting software. This can provide your sales and marketing staff more complete customer information. PIP has the knowledge and experience to help you and will coordinate your project with other vendors when necessary.

Installation - System Roll-Out and Ramp-Up

One of PIP's Certified GoldMine Technicians will install GoldMine on your system and make sure that it is running efficiently on your network. We will also install it on laptops that interface with you network, and provide a Certified GoldSync Technician to ensure that users' synchronization sessions run smoothly.

Automated Processes™ - Letting GoldMine Work for You

One of GoldMine's most powerful features is the ability to define processes to handle repetitive actions automatically. PIP has extensive experience in designing Automated Processes to relieve the tedium of such tasks as sending a welcome letter to each new customer, replying to a request for information, or sending a reminder that a service agreement is about to expire. If you can define a repetitive process, PIP can help you automate that process using GoldMine’s Automated Processes capability.

Report Development - Getting the Data Out

Having difficulty getting your reports to look exactly like you want them? Having trouble getting access to all the data you need? Let PIP help you in the design and generation of custom reports.

Web Integration - Capture Data from your Web Site

Using GoldMine’s powerful automated processes and web integration capabilities, you can capture information about prospects and/or customers when they visit your web site. This information can automatically be entered into your GoldMine database, literature requests can be made, follow-up sales calls scheduled, etc. without any need on your part for manual data entry. Let PIP help you.

Click here for more information about PIP’s web site development services.

Upgrades - The Latest and Greatest

Still using an older version of GoldMine such as 5.0 or 4.0? Ready to move over to the latest and greatest version of GoldMine software? Choose PIP to purchase your upgrade and install your software. Need new hardware? PIP can help. PIP is in the business of providing total solutions. We sell software and hardware, including desktops, servers, tape drives, routers, and more. Our GoldMine and Microsoft certified specialists are ready to solve all of your technical challenges.

Project Review - The Finishing Touches

Approximately 60 – 90 days after project implementation is complete, and periodically thereafter, we will help you assess your progress against your goals and objectives. The purpose of this review is to answer the questions “How are we doing?” and “Can we be doing better?” At this time, the focus is the big picture. We review usage and processes to determine if the system is meeting your goals. What goals have we hit and which ones have we missed? We help you define what course of action needs to be taken from here or what changes need to be made before proceeding. We help you determine whether other system or business process changes can further increase profitability. This is the point where you discuss and plan your next stage of the project.

GoldMine Add-On Products

Extend the functionality of our GoldMine software with the following add-on products:

Additionally, there are many other add-on products that can increase the usability and functionality of GoldMine. These products can be reviewed by visiting the GoldMine Add-On store by clicking on the logo to the right.

GoldBox – 
Optimize Data Import and Export

GoldBox has earned two awards for its superior Data Management utilities. GoldMine's first add-on product, GoldBox contains an easy to use set of features, including:

  • Import into nearly all GoldMine tables,
  • Update GoldMine’s main fields and selected tab fields,
  • Export from GoldMine’s main and all tab files,
  • Quickly merge-purge and dedupe any GoldMine table, and
  • Build groups with nearly unlimited inclusion criteria.

Discover how you can better manage your GoldMine data using GoldBox!

Details Plus™ - 
Extend GoldMine Details Tab Functionality

The GoldMine® add-on that everyone is talking about!

Details Plus™ runs alongside GoldMine providing greater flexibility and configurability of the Details Tab. Details Plus allows the Info Tab fields to hold numeric or date fields, and character fields of different lengths.

Details Plus™ enables you to alter the layout of the Info Tab for every type of Detail, and enables you to change the labels and lookups.

Details Plus™ allows you to configure the Details Info Tab to store information in more then the 8 fields currently allowed in GoldMine, with 4 extra character fields and one extra Notes field.

Details Plus™ has powerful Detail search capabilities, letting you specify multiple criteria on which to search, video buttons to scan through Details meeting the criteria and also to automatically build groups in GoldMine.

MasterMine Software - 
Quick Data Analysis

Why do you need MasterMine for GoldMine?

  • Because you need information from GoldMine, but have no time for report writers.
  • Because finding and fixing bad or irregular data in GoldMine is important, but difficult without MasterMine.
  • Because with accurate data and reports YOU create as needed, you could manage better and save time, money, and grief.

Stop wasting time building specialized Crystal or GoldMine reports when what you really want is quick answers, NOW.

Turn your GoldMine data into Management Information you can use!

Stonefield Query - 
Reporting the Way it Should Be

Stonefield Query is an award-winning, easy to use, powerful query builder and report writer.

After selecting an available report, using Stonefield Query’s simple "wizard" interface, you can select sort order, enter filter conditions, and select where the output should go (printer, disk file, spreadsheet, screen preview, etc.).

In addition to running pre-defined reports, you can create "quick" reports in just a few minutes. Simply select the fields to report on from the available fields list (full English descriptions rather than cryptic names and symbols), and you're done! Stonefield Query takes care of all the complex stuff for you.

For finer control, you can select how each field should appear from a "Field Properties" dialog, including column heading, grouping, and totaling. The easy-to-use query dialog allows you to include or exclude specific records. Use the sort page to order the information how you need it. Finally, save the report so you can edit it, copy it, or make it available to others to run.

Address Grabber Business - 
Moving Contact Data Between Applications

Data-Entry Tool for Online Businesses speeds-up handling Web-leads, Email Orders and Shipping. AddressGrabber Business enables companies that do business over the web and email to get more work done with fewer people. It enables business owners to increase profits per order - by reducing data-entry time and eliminating costly shipping and order entry mistakes.

Inaport -
Enterprise Data Integration Tool for GoldMine

Inaport brings new levels of power, sophistication and ease of use to managing GoldMine data, and linking GoldMine with other data sources in the enterprise. Inaport provides Wizards to guide the user through potentially complex operations. Using the Wizards, it is possible to

  • Import from any ODBC data source, such as Excel, Access, dBase, SQL, most modern accounting systems, mainframes, ...

  • Build data editing operations to regularly scan your GoldMine database and flag or fix problems such as bad email addresses, missing first names and many others

  • Automate building of Org Charts. Inaport can build Org Charts with multiple levels and any degree of complexity

  • Export GoldMine data to Excel, SQL, Access, dBase or CSV

Quote Werks - 
Generate Quotations

QuoteWerks sales, quoting, software enables users to create price quotes for their customers using contact information retrieved from GoldMine. The presentation of the quote can be customized, and emailed to customers. Once the quote becomes an order, the order can be exported to accounting software such as QuickBooks and Peachtree. QuoteWerks is network capable desktop software that runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

QuickBooks Integration

GoldMine Plus Accounting allows you to integrate your QuickBooks Pro accounting data directly into GoldMine to provide a single, unified record for all customer transactions. GoldMine Plus Accounting provides the missing link between the front and back office, placing mission-critical financial information about your customers within GoldMine, without the need for users to ever launch QuickBooks Pro.
1 only available with U.S. Versions of QuickBooks

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