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A New Declaration of Independence


In the course of American history in the last several decades, we have seen a retreat from the founding principles of our nation that were espoused in our original Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, and The Constitution of the United States. These Declaration principles that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, along with our Constitutional principles of Liberty, Freedom, Equality, and Equal Justice for All, have all been encroached upon by the growth of government, most especially the growth of the Federal government. The incremental growth of government has led to the incremental decline of our founding principles. Whether the reasons for this enlargement of government be for the noble purposes of safety or security or the ignoble purposes of power and control, it has resulted in the reduction of our founding principles. This growth of government at the expense of our founding principles has reached the point that we may endanger our founding principles and is leading us on a path to despotism.


To evidence this, let the following facts be submitted to the American public.

Natural Right to Free Speech

For allowing and colluding with social media and big tech companies to censor, silence, and besmirch Americans for those who would wish to voice their opposition to government laws, rules, regulations, policies, and governmental actions. For not protecting free speech in social media and allowing social media to manipulate content based on their political beliefs. For restricting legal redress for those so impacted through social media's legal liability exemptions and secretly colluding with big tech to support governmental actions.

For allowing the suppression of the Natural Right of free speech on public grounds and for allowing Colleges, Universities, and other organizations which accept Federal funding to restrict the Free Speech rights of their students, faculty, administrators, and their employees or members.

Natural Right to Keep and Bear Arms

For restricting the Natural Right to keep and bear arms for the protection of oneself, one's family, and one's community members, and for the protection against oppressive government actions.

Natural Right of Religious Practices

For allowing restrictions on the Natural Right to practice religious beliefs in American's personal, public, and commercial activities.

Natural Rights to Assembly

For not protecting the Natural Rights to peaceable assemble by not quelling mob actions and the resulting property destruction from violent protestors who violate these Natural Rights and other Natural Rights of those with whom they disagree.

Natural Rights of the Unborn

For not addressing the Natural Rights of the unborn and thus protecting the Natural Rights of the unborn, and for allowing infanticide of those who are born alive after an unsuccessful abortion.

Natural Privacy Rights Within Commercial Activities

For not protecting our Natural Privacy Rights of persons within commercial activities by restricting which personal information may be collected and saved in a commercial transaction.

The Selective Enforcement of Laws

For the selective enforcement of laws by Federal, State, and Local prosecutors based on political ideology or identity politics, and for the non-enforcement of some laws as a means of allowing social policy not accorded by law, thus resulting in The Weaponization of Government and a two-tiered system of Justice in America

Utilization of the Judicial System for Intimidation Purposes

For the utilization of the Judicial system for intimidation purposes rather than criminal purposes, as well as for the threats of legal harm and financial ruin against criminal suspects and their family members in the attempt to obtain guilty pleas and/or cooperation in legal proceedings

For investigating persons rather than crimes, and the effectuation of perjury traps to ensnare persons who have not committed any other crimes. Perjury traps in which a person's reputation is harmed and much personal financial resources are expended to defend themselves against these perjury traps.

For the reputational and financial harm to individuals and family members of persons involved in judicial investigations by the leaking of investigative information, and for which they may have committed no criminal activities.

For staging confrontational subpoenas, warrants, and arrests for non-violent suspects of crimes. For allowing media coverage of these actions in which the persons targeted have their reputations impugned without redress in the court of public opinion.

The Criminalization of Politics

For allowing the criminalization of politics that results in indictments but few convictions of selectively targeted politicians, persons, and organizations for the purposes of affecting elections or legislation or to intimidate and silence opposition to government actions or policies.

Circumvention of Constitutional Restrictions and Prohibitions

For allowing the circumvention of Constitutional Federal restrictions and prohibitions, i.e., specific and enumerated powers, through legal sophistry, and for the utilization of tortuous reasoning and sophistry to justify these Governmental actions.

Ceding Duties and Responsibilities to Another Branch of the Government

For allowing Congress to cede authority to the Executive branch in the creation of rules and regulations that impact all Americans, and for the Executive Branch to issue executive orders, directives, regulations, signing statements, and legal consent agreements that fall beyond the boundaries of their authority which are within the Legislative branch duties and responsibilities.

Crafting of Laws by a Select Few in Congress

For the crafting of laws by a select few in Congress, and not by the due process of investigations, the taking of testimony, deliberations, negotiations, and drafting, then passing of legislation by all the elected representatives of the people.

Congress Issuing Improper Subpoenas

For Congress issuing subpoenas to obtain information beyond the scope of their duties and responsibilities that is intrusive upon the privacy rights of Americans.

The Utilization of Kangaroo Courts in Congress

For allowing Kangaroo Courts in Congressional hearings that are not for legitimate Congressional legislative or investigative purposes but to stoke enmity against persons or parties for electioneering purposes.

The Utilization of Fear Rather Than Facts

For spreading fear rather than facts to achieve a political agenda and for manipulating the facts in official documents and pronouncements to fit the fear. A fear that allows for government actions that would otherwise not be possible to invoke fear responses that could allow for the violation of the Natural, Constitutional, and Civil Rights of Americans.

States and Local Governments Contravening Federal Laws

For allowing State and Local governments to pass and implement laws that contravene Federal Laws, Rules, and Regulations.

Failures of the Supreme Court and Other Courts

For the failures of the Supreme Court to rule on contentious Constitutional issues and for allowing the Judicial branch to rule outside of the constraints of the Law and the Constitution in order to impose their vision of proper social policy.

A Lack of Election Integrity

For not ensuring Election Integrity which has led many Americans to be distrustful of the balloting process and skeptical of the election results, and for the allowing of State and local laws, rules, and regulations that adversely impact the election processes and integrity of the balloting.

Unabated Pandemic Restrictions

For allowing emergency Presidential, Gubernatorial, and local official's Pandemic Executive Orders to be extended without approval by the Legislators and not examining the impacts of such restrictions on the economy, elder health care, the education of our children, and the Liberties and Freedoms of all Americans.

Permitting Illegal Immigration

For the failure to restrict hordes of illegal aliens from entering the United States, of which many of them are Drug and other Contraband Runners, Gang Members, Sex Traffickers, and other criminal elements, as well as possible carriers of communicable diseases that endanger the safety and health of American citizens, as well as consuming much government services and taxpayer monies for their support and for the apprehension and deportation of these illegal aliens.

Allowing illegal aliens to remain and assimilate into America without Due Process of Law to determine their legal status and the propriety of their remaining in America.

Lack of Criminal Control

For allowing increased criminal actions and a lack of punishment for criminals by not apprehending those involved in criminal activities, the utilization of cashless bail for felony arrests, the dropping of charges for felonies, for the use of plea bargaining of felonies to misdemeanors, and for not imposing sentences befitting the crime. The results of which the law-abiding American people feel unsafe walking the streets of our cities, and they no longer think that the government is protecting our safety, security, and property.

Poor Public Education

For allowing the educational quality and integrity in America to decrease, and affects the student's ability to think with knowledge, rationality, and reasoning, as well as permitting Indoctrination versus Education of our children in Public Education.

For allowing the introduction of sexually explicit content and sexual orientation instruction, the non-teaching or misteaching of factual American history, an incorrect or incomplete Civic Education, the didactics of Socialistic ideas and the disparagement of Capitalism, and a general anti-Americanism that permeates the educational and pedagogical teaching in the classroom.

For the persecution and prosecution of those Americans who protest these educational and pedagogical content and the indoctrinations of their children, and for the intrusion on parental rights to mold the morals and ethics of their children free from public education indoctrination.

Increased Drug Addiction

For not taking action to prevent and remedy the scourge of drug addiction that affects the life and health of those addicted, as well as the well-being of American society.

Increased Homelessness

For allowing Homelessness to increase unabated, and its impact on the quality of life on American streets. For not addressing the issues of mental illness, addiction, crime, and disease of the homeless and for not taking action to remedy this problem.

Allowing for an Atrophied Military

For allowing a military that does not have the proper funding, nor have they allocated the proper apportionments and resources to the goal of winning a modern armed conflict, for permitting our military to become understaffed and ill-prepared to meet the needs and demands of modern warfare, and for permitting our military to be more concerned with social issues and political indoctrination than its mission to win armed conflicts.

Bureaucratic Hordes and Impediments

For sending hordes of administrators and bureaucrats attempting to impose government authority by rules and regulations that restrict Liberty, Freedom, Equalities, and Equal Justice for All. For allowing bureaucrats to impede or oppose the duly elected President in the performance of his duties and responsibilities. For allowing Bureaucratic Regulatory Capture of regulators moving to and from the employment of those that they regulate and for allowing regulators to purchase the stock of those they regulate, thus calling into question the independent and unbiased actions of bureaucratic regulators.

Favoritism and Improper Taxation

For the passing of laws that favor one group of Americans, often at the expense of another group of Americans, and for the takings of monies in the form of taxation from those that have earned it for the purposes of the giving of these monies to those that have not earned it, rather than the taking of taxation monies for the common good of all.

Numerous Improper Lawsuits

For allowing the filing of numerous and improper lawsuits by persons, organizations, and government entities in an attempt to hinder the implementation of proper governmental and business activities for long periods of time in the processes of judicial adjudication. For entering into Executive Branch consent agreements for the avoidance of such lawsuits or for the implementation of government actions and spending not authorized by Congress.

Influence Peddling and Manipulation

For the allowing of Influence Peddling by elected officials and their families and friends, by Foreign Governments and other non-American actors lobbying on Government Foreign Policy, by Foreign Governments and other non-American actors’ economic manipulation of American Business Decisions on International investments and manufacturing, and to the Foreign Investments in Academia on the Freedoms and Liberties in Education and Research of Higher Education Institutions.

Improper Governmental Audits

For allowing the Internal Revenue Service and other regulatory agencies to conduct audits of American citizens who express disagreement with Government policies to intimidate them into silence rather than discover possible violations of the law and for allowing the Internal Revenue Service to delay or deny tax exemptions for political groups that they disagree with.

Seizing of Private Property

For the seizing of private property for the benefit of others under Eminent Domain, rather than utilizing Eminent Domain for its legitimate purposes of needful Federal properties.

Trade Agreements with Foreign Countries

For entering trade agreements with foreign countries that allow foreign countries to manipulate the free market to their advantage, thus disadvantaging American companies and workers, and for not preventing the theft of American Trade Secrets.

Slanderous and Libelous Statements within the Government

For allowing slanderous and libelous statements damaging to their reputations to be lodged against Presidential appointees during and after the appointment process, thus, doing harm to the body politic by discouraging qualified persons from accepting appointments to avoid the appointment process and to them not wishing to serve in government due to the undue tarnishment of their reputation while in government service.

Illegal Espionage and Improper Obstruction and Impeachment

For the Executive Branch's illegal espionage on the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump, and for the illegal espionage on the counselors and supporters of President Trump during and after the campaign, as well as during the start of his administration. For the false affidavits and manipulation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court to allow for this illegal espionage.

For the Congressional pursuit of unsubstantiated and overzealous allegations without veracity against a duly and properly elected President Trump for the purposes of obstructing the proper and legal governance of his administration.

For utilizing the Presidential impeachment process for political gain rather than its intended purpose of removing a President for offenses against the Constitution or criminal actions by the President. For not providing, during the House of Representatives impeachment hearings, the Due Process rights of the President to defend his actions. Thus, altering the Balance of Power between the Executive and Legislative branches of government, impeding the normal functioning of government, and trying to make the Executive Branch subservient to the predilections and will of Congress.


All of these particulars are an assault upon the principles that our nation was founded upon. Consequently, We, the People of the United States, do solemnly publish and declare that the current United States Government be dissolved and that a new Government be instituted for the protection of our founding principles. In this, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor to institute a new government that reestablishes our founding principles.